16MM Platelayer’s Hut


16MM Platelayer’s Hut

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Historically used as a lineside shelter, platelayer’s would be assigned to inspecting a few miles of track, with his hut as his shelter and working base. Platelayer’s would grease points and maintaining component parts of the railway such as the sleepers and fishplates, often working in larger teams to undertake complete track replacements by hand.

Derived from the construction of plateways as an early form of railway track, a platelayer’s hut would typically include a single room equipped with few living comforts including a table, chairs and simple heating stove.

Morden platelayers tend to operate in mobile teams, with the inside of the British railway network still including a large number of now abandoned huts, offering a historical insight for enthusiasts and passengers alike.

Model Size

205mm Length x 180mm Width x 140mm Height