GAUGE 1 Brick Lineside Building (Flat Roof)


GAUGE 1 Brick Lineside Building (Flat Roof)

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In British usage lineside buildings were used by track maintenance workers including platelayers. In the heyday of steam railway operation, a platelayer might be assigned to each mile or two miles of track, with a platelayers’ hut as his shelter and working base. He would regularly patrol his section of track. In modern railway operation, platelayers tend to operate in mobile teams, and the lineside of the British railway network still includes a large number of abandoned and generally dilapidated platelayers’ huts. Platelayers’ huts were generally a single room, immediately adjacent to the running lines, equipped with a table, chairs, and a simple heating stove.


This model is made from weather-resistant plastic (not resin) and can be used for indoor or outdoor railways. With the correct use of paint and preparation, this model will provide years of pleasure and enhance your layout. To make the most of your Brunel Model, please follow the safety guidelines and instructions carefully.

Model Size

190mm Length x 135mm Width x 115mm Height