GAUGE 1 Single-Sided Waiting Shelter


GAUGE 1 Single-Sided Waiting Shelter
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In Britain waiting shelters are associated with the Great WesternRailway (GWR) who introduced them in 1907 and erected a patchwork of them across their network.

They were manufactured by an outside supplier and delivered in kit-form. They could, therefore, be assembled offsite, delivered on standard well wagons and craned into position, or assembled on-site, according to circumstances.

This model is made from weather-resistant plastic (not resin) and can be used for indoor or outdoor railways. With the correct use of paint and preparation, this model will provide years of pleasure and enhance your layout. To make the most of your Brunel Model, please follow the safety guidelines and instructions carefully.

Model Size

500mm Length x 100mm Width x 135mm Height