GAUGE 3 Goods Shed


Gauge 3 Goods Shed

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Goods Sheds were originally designed for storing goods before or after carriage in a train. A typical goods shed typically includes a track running through or into it to allow goods wagons to be unloaded beneath a cover. Often goods sheds were built alongside a track, with the additional possibility of a door canopy. A separate door to move goods to or from road wagons and vans can sometimes be seen parallel to the rail track or on the opposing side. Traditional goods shed usually feature a platform and a small crane for loading, which are not included in this model.

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This model is made from weather-resistant plastic (not resin) and can be used for indoor or outdoor railways. With the correct use of paint and preparation, this model will provide years of pleasure and enhance your layout. To make the most of your Brunel Model, please follow the safety guidelines and instructions carefully.

Model Size

800mm Long x 460mm Deep x 240mm High