GAUGE 3 Sand House


GAUGE 1 Sand House

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Built to dry and store sand ready for locomotive use, the sand house would be used to dry, store and sort wet or ‘green’ sand to improve railway traction. Many historical sheds were equipped with a sand furnace and chimney, with an exterior iron flap to facilitate loading sand directly from a nearby wagon.

Traditionally, dried sand would be carried out to the locomotive itself to store inside two sand spraying tanks to increase the traction of the drive wheels. Sand would be transported in galvanised buckets or ‘chute’ type coal scuttles to pour directly into a locomotive’s sandboxes, with the compressed air from the sand house plumbed to many locations throughout the rail yard to elevate the sand towers, separate organic matter and manage dust removal.

Sand driers would be manned around the clock, with larger driers often including a baghouse to store sand for smaller facilities.


This model is made from weather-resistant plastic (not resin) and can be used for indoor or outdoor railways. With the correct use of paint and preparation, this model will provide years of pleasure and enhance your layout. To make the most of your Brunel Model, please follow the safety guidelines and instructions carefully.

Model Size

380mm Length x 210mm Width x 495mm Height