GAUGE 3 Small Water Tower


GAUGE 3 Small Water Tower

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A water stop or water station on a railway is a place where steam trains stop to replenish water. The stopping of the train itself is also referred to as a “water stop”.

The term originates from the times of steam engines when large amounts of water were essential. Also known as wood and water stops or coal and water stops, since it was reasonable to replenish engines with fuel as well when adding water to the boiler.

To accumulate the water, water stops employed water tanks, water towers and tank ponds. The water was initially pumped by windmills, watermills, or by hand pumps often by the train crew themselves.


This model is made from weather-resistant plastic (not resin) and can be used for indoor or outdoor railways. To make the most of your Brunel Model, please follow the safety guidelines and instructions carefully.

Model Size

170mm Length x 170mm Width x 300mm Height